The computer repair training you receive from LARC Technical Institute goes beyond any A+ computer repair training you have had or thought about doing. Don’t waste your time and money sitting in a classroom listening to someone as they read from a book.

Learn to Repair Computers by Doing it Yourself and We Will Show You How.

Our computer repair training is almost entirely hands-on. Why, because you are actually going to be “on the job training”* at one of our computer repair centers instead of sitting in a classroom being bored.

You Don’t Have to Take any Exams or Memorize Useless Information.

There is nothing better than hands-on training when it comes to learning about repairing computers. You learn faster and retain more information by doing it yourself. Our hands-on, computer repair training program makes certain you do. Your hands-on, computer repair training experience begins on your very first day of training.

  • Disassemble (take apart) a desktop computer
  • Your A+ certified trainer will explain all the computer parts and how they go back together
  • Your A+ certified trainer will teach you tips and tricks that have taken years to master.
  • Reassemble (put back together) your desktop computer
  • Program your computer with an operating system (OS)
  • Install system drivers (software used by the computer to make the computer parts work with the operating system)
  • Install software patches, updates and applications (software such as an antivirus)

And you do all of this on your very first day of training. Why wait to start what you have always wanted to learn to do. Contact us today and get started immediately.

*On the job training - ( OTJ Training )
Definition: Employee training at the place of work while he or she is doing the actual job. Usually a professional trainer (or sometimes an experienced employee) serves as the course instructor using hands-on training.